Sunday, October 30, 2011


BG just bridged up to Cadettes in her Girl Scout troop and one of the planned events is to attend the 100 year camporee in Savanna, GA. I understand there will be 5000 scouts there from around the U.S. and the girls are excited to raise the money to attend. It will be a full week of activities. Right now, we have 14 girls in our troop and are looking to raise about $900.00 per girl which includes transportation, registration and meals for the trip. (meals at the camporee are included in the registration). If you would like to help, click on the donation button to the left.

Thanks for your support!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Time Passes...EEEKK!

It's been more than a year since I updated this blog. And such a year!
First, we spent most of the rest of last year preparing for DH to deploy to the 'sandbox'. I spent the time making lists of things I wanted to accomplish while he was gone (with underlying fear and anticipation wearing on my nerves). DH spent the time fortifying the house so that BG & I would be safe and secure. New square foot gardens went in and a fence was built, home repairs done and 'retirement' planned so that all the major bills were paid off and we could live debt free.
DS#2 and family visited for a few weeks and we were able to cuddle the (then) newest granddaughter. They had another daughter shortly after returning to Germany. Presenting Lillie Denise!

The garden produced in abundance and we canned pickles, green beans and butternut squash. Tomatoes were harvested and frozen. I bought a new pressure canner, an Excalibur dehydrator and a vacuum sealer. Onions, carrots, potatoes and apples were dehydrated and stored. We discovered Jack Spirko's podcast: and listened for ideas we could incorporate into our lives.

Summer and fall passed far too quickly and soon we were saying goodbye. DH to go to final training and BG and myself to return home to a much emptier house.
Next up was our annual ThanksBirthHanuMas party in December. I knit fingerless mitts for the 3 older girls and tucked in gift cards for Bath & Body Works. The hit of the party was the array of Screaming Slingshot monkeys, cows, chickens, pigs and ducks that were whizzing around.

Then the new year. It started off with a bang...or rather, a sickness. I was awakened in the night by a call for help from BG and walked into her bedroom to find she had been sick. I then backed out quickly, calling for her to wrap up everything in the sheets and sent her in to shower. She proceeded to be sick for most of the week, sleeping on the couch as I tossed her mattress and bed frame into the garbage! ( was that bad!) Repainting her room had been on my list of things to do in the spring, but spring was too far away. So we cleaned, sorted, painted and assembled a new trundle bed with a new mattress.

Spring brought a new addition to the family. My first great-granddaughter.

New garden went in in the spring and is producing peppers, tomatoes, peas, carrots, beets and corn...all of which have been processed as they become ripe.

Knitting has been done. A couple of finished projects:

A couple of crocheted market bags

Out of Cheese (a MMario design)

and a pair of fingerless mitts in Steeler colors for dd#2

We have a few Yellow Ribbon and FRG events over the year. Sciatic troubles for me slowed things down on the home plans I had, but things are getting better. Now we are in full scurry mode in anticipation of DH's return. Thank heaven for email and instant messaging that has allowed us to stay in touch. All is well. Looking forward to having my man home safe and sound.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ravelympics 2010

And we're off! The Winter Olympics are in full swing in Vancover and so are the games at Ravelry. So far I have earned a medal in Aerial Unwind (frogging a stalled project and reclaiming the yarn)...

...and a medal for Sweaterboard Cross for finishing Oriental Lily...a tunic baby sweater for Ajala

Onward! I am hoping to work on Offler and I cast on Ruba'yat mittens.

Monday, January 18, 2010

First Sewing Project

BG made her first machine sewn project this weekend. A simple fleece hat. She picked out the material, talked to the store employee about how much fabric she needed, and did all the cutting and sewing herself. She is very excited and can't wait to try another one.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Another "What was I thinking??"

One of the advantages of homeschooling and having homeschooling friends is that you don't have to wait til the weekend for a sleep over. BG had her cousin, who I am also homeschooling this year, and a friend over Tuesday night after Girl Scouts. The 3 of them watched a movie and ate popcorn while camping out on the living room floor. Actually, it went much better than I thought it might. No loud laughing and yelling. They were still talking when I stumbled to bed at 12:30 am, but were quiet enough that it didn't interfere with my sleep. Friend brought some school work with her, so the 3 of them did math together on Wednesday. There were a few scuffles (like..what do we play next? and I don't want to do that), but, all in all, it went smoothly.

Facebook has this current thing about posting an old picture of yourself. I don't have any digital pictures of myself as a youngen, but found this family one of DH, DS, BG and myself. Hard to imagine that young man in the back is a burly Army father of his own little girl. And BG is taller than me now! I think she was about 18 months old in this picture. AH, time.... As Terry Pratchett says (paraphrased) Endless days of rapidly passing years...

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Long Time

It's been a long time since I blogged and realized many things have happened since BG went off to camp. She had a great time and is eager to go back this year.

DS#2 got married and had a baby. Ajala Michelle was born in early September of 09. For New Years, we got the message from them that another baby will be born in August of this year!

The family got together on December 12th for our annual ThanksBirthHanuMas gathering. No injuries, barfing or was a good day!

I received the KnitPicks set of DPN... 6 sizes from 2.00mm to 3.25mm.. and "Continuous Cables" by Melissa Leapman. Trying to go Cold Sheep and not buy any new yarn till I have a chance to knit up a lot of my stash. I made several washcloths and tribbles as gifts to the DDs, so was able to use up some of the cotton here.

Heard about a great way to use up sock yarn stash. Match yarn and pattern and bag it under the labels of the coming months and challenge myself to knit a pair each month thru out the year. We'll see. I did finish one pair this past year.

SOTN: Offler Stole, grey scarf for sis-i-l (started as a Christmas present for 08), the Messianic scarf/stole from YarnYenta, and recently started: MMario's MMystery shawl KKnitalong. This shawl is not going well as I have dropped stitches (again) and will need to restart clue 1 (5th time).

Will try to do better about blogging this year...but no promises.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Camp Gilgal

Its been a busy month. Lots of preparations to get BG ready for camp. But first, we needed to celebrate her birthday a little early. She will celebrate her 9th birthday at camp, too.

Camp Gilgal is sponsered by Jews for Jesus, so BG was very excited to go and see some of her friends from the Ingathering there. This is her first "away from home/ away from me" camp. The leaders are so sweet and take lots of pictures to add to their flickr account so we can see our children enjoying themselves. One of the first activities is for each cabin to make a tribal flag. Here BG is cutting out elements for the flag:

And here is the finished flag:

And here... well... I am not sure exactly what they were doing that required a little war paint... lol.